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Topic: lfuuyj michael kors handbags on sale dwanqb
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Feb 11 08:16 AMSalmo - Agreed, Volcker's operating procedures were a mess and the "stop-go" criticism of his first few years was justified, but in the big picture he crushed inflation and helped browbeat congress and the administration into correcting their fiscal errors - gucci belt . Plus, it wasn't clear that he really believed in his money targets as opposed to using different approaches to manage his colleagues on the FOMC. And, he admitted his mistakes and learned from them - I don't see a lot of that today. As far as "monetarism never being tried:" if it's defined so strictly that Volcker's approach doesn't qualify, then imo it's a good thing it was never tried. From your comments, I suspect you disagree.

I don think I would call it fear, but caution definitely. I had the level 1 voting superpower, and didn really feel like it was that much risk using it. I used it so sparingly and only in the topics I knew best. I figured these coins are probably not worth much, so why not spend them? Then I ran into 2 questions that I thought I could answer well enough, so I gave answers. What do they say about hind sight being 20/20. Well I got two weak votes in the same week. That put a halt to my answering for a while. I was hesitant to use the coin multiplier, I didn want to lose twice the number of points on a bad answer. So I slowly got back into the swing of things. I started using the L2 voting power. I have always enjoyed using it and have got some positive feedback. But the coin multiplier just kinda sits there. I guess I am in the habit of when I find a good question I select "answer" and don think about turning the coin multiplier on. Maybe in the future I consider giving it a try once a day.

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