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Nome del Forum: Le chicche di Peppe
Descrizione del forum: Quattro chiacchiere con gli amici
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Postato da: admin
Postato in data: 01 May 2009 alle 3:09pm

Cari lettori di, come avete potuto costatare, il forum per alcuni giorni é risultato fuori servizio.

Purtroppo abbiamo avuto un'attacco da parte di Hacker ai database del sito i quali dopo ripetuti tentativi di rispristino, sono risultati fortemente danneggiati e non più utilizzabili.

Tutto questo a chi é convenuto?
All'interno dei Forum del sito erano presenti migliaia di Post e migliaia di iscritti che ad oggi non sono più visualizzabili.
Coraggio!!! bisogna cominciare da capo....forse è l'inizio di un'era nuova
anche per
Iscrivetevi e.... scrivete.....

La libertà di parola, non ve la toglierà MAI

Buona navigazione

Postato da: paesano
Postato in data: 02 May 2009 alle 3:54pm
Io ci sono.
Fatta la mia nuova iscrizione.

Postato da: Triumviro
Postato in data: 04 May 2009 alle 11:32am
Triumviro presente

Membro dello ZOCCOLO DURO
Professione RIGORISTA

Postato da: taotao
Postato in data: 05 May 2009 alle 5:49am

Whatever Love Means
Although neither or them remembered the occasion, Diana first met her future husband when she was just a baby. It happened during the winter of 1961, when twelve-year-old Charles, Prince of Wales, was visiting his mother's Sandringham retreat. ( - wow power leveling ,)
At the time, your Prince Charles barely glanced at the tiny baby sleeping in her cot. After all, bow could a twelve-year-old boy be interested in babies?
But the Prince would eventually take a very keen interest in this particular baby —it would just take some time.
In fact, it would be sixteen years before Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took place in the middle of a farmer's field during a shooting party in November 1977.
It was a cold, rainy, bleak afternoon when sixteen-year-old Diana, dressed in a borrowed parka that was too large for her, boots, and blue jeans, crossed the field to meet the heir to the British throne.
It was almost twilight when the two came face to face near Nobottle Woods.
"What a sad man," Diana thought when she first saw him. The future Princess was intrigued to finally meet the most eligible bachelor in England, thought she was not impressed with his five-foot-ten-inch height, thinking to herself that she would tower over him in high heels. But Diana would later say that she admired his beautiful blue eyes. ( - World of warcraft Power Leveling )
The Prince later remarked that he thought Diana was "a very jolly and attractive" girl, "full of fun," though Diana herself believed that "he barely noticed me at all."
Diana, it was discovered later, first came to the attention of the royal family when she acted as a bridesmaid for her sister Jane's wedding that April. It was the first major social occasion that Diana attended as a young woman. And many of the royals were surprised at how beautiful and mature the once-gawky girl had become.
Even the Queen Mother. Prince Charles's grandmother, noticed Diana's beauty, grace, and charm. She complimented the Earl on the fine job he had done in bringing Diana up.
A short time later, Prince Charles sent his valet to hand-deliver a formal invitation for Diana to accompany him that very evening to the opera and a latenight dinner at the palace.
Though she was flustered, and the invitation came at such short notice, Diana accepted. She and her roommate, Carolyn Bartholomew, hurried to dress and prepare Diana for her big date. The evening was a success, and an invitation to party on the royal yacht came soon after……
Although she was intimidated by the crowd at Balmoral, Diana was wise enough not to stay in the castle itself. She asked for, and was granted, an invitation to stay with her sister Jane and her young husband at their cottage on the Balmoral estate. ( - wow gold )
The Prince visited Diana there every day, offering to escort her to a barbecue, or extending an invitation for a long walk in the woods.
When Charles went to Switzerland for a ski vacation, Diana missed him terribly. He called her after a day or two, and told Diana he had something important to ask her.
He arrived home on February, 3, 1981.Three days later, he arranged to see Diana at Windsor Castle. Late that evening, while Prince Charles was showing Diana the nursery, he asked her to marry him.
To his surprise, Diana treated his proposal as a joke, She actually giggled. But soon she could see that Prince Charles was serious. Despite an insistent voice inside her head that told her she would never be Queen, she accepted his proposal. ( - World of warcraft gold )
Di ana told Prince Charles over and over that she loved him.
"Whatever love means." Was his reply.


Postato da: KompareGizmondo
Postato in data: 19 May 2009 alle 12:30pm me c e' vvoluto cosi' tanto per scrive du righe..ed e' annato tuttoquanto apputt....? maronna che jella che ci ho...cmq nn e' stata colpa mia; io nn c ero..e se c'ero ninti saccio...


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