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O' Puccio

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Topic: O' Puccio
Postato da: zona industrial
soggetto: O' Puccio
Postato in data: 17 Jan 2011 alle 10:45pm
Ma O' puccio del carnevale civitonico o di Rosina? Senza Rosina non si fa niente non si sfila non si mangia e che ?Cry 

Postato da: EX PD
Postato in data: 18 Jan 2011 alle 10:52am
rosina comanda....noi guardiamo....

Postato da: mariotto
Postato in data: 18 Jan 2011 alle 1:16pm

Ma chi sta rosina?

Postato da: EX PD
Postato in data: 19 Jan 2011 alle 10:53am
quella che c'ha la piscina....ce fa pure rima....

Postato da: cheery413
Postato in data: 22 Jan 2011 alle 3:04am

Making a Short Putt


Always play all balls out to the end, never allow your partners or opponents to concede a short putt to you, - ping k15 irons while it is a gentlemanly move, it can hurt your game in the end.

By playing all balls through the putt you are developing short-putt confidence and strengthening your nerve.

You can use this to your advantage by conceding shots to you partners and opponents early in the game, - ping g15 irons then requiring that all putts be carried through towards the end.

This creates a false sense of confidence in them in the beginning, and they suddenly have to start hitting putts at a time when they are so crucial.

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