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Ospedale Andosilla, problemi pregi e considerazioni
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    Postato: 02 Mar 2013 alle 11:44am
Come from
Come fromRemaining text joy romance exposes

There is net friend that clap remaining text joy, arrive airport in London

Report according to Hong Kong medium, remaining text joy and the secret of Wu Yu Fei(Kary) clap to drag along to expose, after the red pillar claps to drag along a total degree Valentine's Day, 2 people's the double of the double arrived the itinerary of continuing yesterday.Now time"the ambition is clear" the Pie"spring Jiao" become with Kary a rightness of, the stylish man beauty very matches Chen, the good friend in turn is also great well, but make a class of female cellophane noodles thoroughly heart-broken!The party concerned just and outside visits, infatuating with madly in love has never responded to love to smell, temporarily from both parties of clap the rumours dragging along to declare for 2 people, the spokesman says:"Do not respond to!"

Arrive rare Si road airport photograph to spread

Yesterday drive exploded remaining text joy and Wu Yu Fei(Kary) of new scandal the secret has already clapped to drag along to go to London, on-line 2 people arrived the photograph of the airport of rare Si road to spread.There is netizen that arrive to°from Hong Kong London, by coincidence meet joy and Kary, although the photograph is misty, from the body form and the foppery, also easily recognize this to scandal men and women.It is said that the flight arrives rare Si road airport after, remaining text is happy to soon have already been recognized by other travellers, someone comes forward to request taking a shot together but he doesn't promise and believe that he doesn't want to be discovered movements.As for Kary heel at after, have no too many people to recognize, but she is more generous, someone recognizes, she is to request taking a shot together, and she also promises

Took photo a net friend to make sure to don't mistake one for another

Net friend"Lu little aroma female"2 people the photograph of the figure up carry tiny Bo and soon then lead an attention to the happy Zi cellophane noodles, the by coincidence new scandal exposes, past to take photo ask all sorts of questions."Small aroma female" said, the photograph took in the airport yesterday, she and remaining text was happy face to face mistake one for another towards hoping twice, with making sure having no.Because he declines a picture, past she takes photo just from the distance, her target is remaining text joy, but he nearby of the long hair female be also absorbed a lens.She sees when remaining text joy move baggage other travellers take a shot together with"long hair female";See to only 2 people going together incognizant Wu Yu Fei thinks to is the assistant of remaining text joy.When someone told her the scandal for spreading yesterday, "little aroma female" said by the mindset that enjoys Zi cellophane noodles:"Is the words of her girl friend, grow too common, shape also too common!"Afterwards she saw Wu Yu Fei's tiny Bo, then and really went together of" long hair female"is Kary.The happy Zi heel Kary just just arrived London, believed they also will play a day just return a harbor explaination scandal.

Both parties don't respond to not to know movements

The reporter claps to drag along to successively beg a certificate to the company that Kary belongs to and assistant for remaining text joy and Kary.Kary is replied by the record company, say that Kary temporary doesn't respond to.As for the remaining text joy assistant means the joy is in the holiday.As for whether arrived other parts of country to clap to drag along?The company didn't interfere with, didn't know his movements as well.

Direct new song MV to wipe a love fire

The 31 years old remaining text enjoyed to knot love fate with 26-year-old Kary in October, last year, because of joy directed for Kary new song 《person non- plant 》 , MV male the leading role was rather Yang You.At that time joy such as eldest brother elder brother sort care Kary was a handout spirit of good friend, often interact online.Kary is a rich family female, go into go more long for 10 years more beautiful, scandal male the friend is much many louboutin men, include happy of good friend week cypress Hao.She heel tennis prince Hong sign the romance of Xi to break continuously and continuously and break up to again match many times, unsteady development.

Spread a secret to develop for 3 months

Kary holds a singing performance in the red building in January, this year, the Hong signs Xi to also just inflate for her under the stage.Is surprisingly after singing performance more than a weeks, Kary suddenly declares to is "single" and loses stripe the Hong as friend michael kors outlet online;Originally already another have a target of candidate.
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