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Ospedale Andosilla, problemi pregi e considerazioni
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Quota hacker Rispondibullet Topic: sacs longchamps mik491
    Postato: 28 Feb 2013 alle 5:43pm

Is northern in area in Manhattan, singer's shell especially ·rice the virtuous Lei(Bette Midler) is discovering the fortress park(Fort Washington Park) of Washington and depend on boon fortress especially park(Fort Tryon Park) drive nearby residents regard as dumping grounds after, easy to established New York to regroup a plan in 1995.(New York Restoration Project, NYRP)Her employee to include Ni can ·radicle virtuous Man, Si Ting and Kang Di Si ·Bo Gen at inside of the front-line star raise a style and totally raise the funds of USD 10,100,000.The funds are used for renovating of some parkses, include to admire the Si of the lime river front Wen De Lei river gulf park(Swindler Cove park, now from the organization management) and Gao Qiao park.(Highbridge Park, now part from the organization operation)

Slice Er west area, under"the friend (Friends of the High Line)of high line" direct, one's abandonning a railroad is reformed for one of the most popular parks in New York City, the park is built up after the organization bore its 70% budgets.The Si tower Teng island is green to take(Staten Island Greenbelt) area to reach to 2800 acres(match 11.33 square kilometers), its a part just from green take to manage a committee(Greenbelt Conservancy) management, the committee invests and conduct widely popular"child's carrousel"(Carousel for All Children).Committee director, Katharine, ·blessing Wei gram(KathleenVorwick) say, the reason for doing so is to let park under the sistuation that have no government budget also ability prosperous development.No matter in other places in the city through of benefit pressure have much big, "the carrousels can acquire the maintenance of the tallest specification".

This kind of is male-private mode of cooperation for lack system in the park of funds to say in really the sky to grant.Is beyond all doubt, the recent economy decline lets New York sink into a new of public finance crisis, and the controllable budget of section in park in the city also milli- bar none the ground faces reduction.Mayor in New York exceeds a gram of Er ·cloth Lu Bo Ge(Michael Bloomberg) draw up in 2007 of a speculation of long-term programming(PlaNYC) BE, creation offer for sale 99% New York persons can enjoy of green space, they be Yi the person is practical, and walk distance in the half mile inside sacs longchamps.Private endowment may be the Mi matches a huge margin of of this ambition and public finance shortage of unique go by way of.

Though people at male-private mode of cooperation whether is a correct margin outlet the political views of problem is different, come to say currently, many parks can make use of this kind of mode to look for funds to help.In 2005, 《New York Times 》 reporter Di Mo Xi ·William Mu Si(Timothy Williams) at Brown gram the Pa space Si benefit gulf park(Pugsley Creek Park) in the Si area discovereds 18 abandonning vehicle.In July, 2010, 《everyday news report 》 published area northern Gao Qiao park of a Manhattan's photograph-park small way up, is the condom packing and needle for throwing away everywhere michael kors outlet online.This road is still not strange, its south not the distance is child's pleasure ground of park.And that conjunction of the name cause of Gao Qiao park northern Manhattan area and cloth Lu gram the bridge of the Si area, close as well for several decades.(do not look over, the repair work of park under way medium, the bridge anticipates to re- open in 2013)
Different voice-male-the blemish of private mode of cooperation
Hero Fu inside ·gram Luo's man is especially proposal in New York park(Geoffrey Croft) meeting(New York City Park Advocates) the chairman is also a long-term research park in the city management section of critic, he investigated all 1,700 parks in New York City.He can one by one enumerate those various problems that the not well-known park faces:Invade bathroom from the foreign specieses, such as tiger Zhang and northeast snake grape...etc. don't have toilet paper michael kors factory outlet.He points out in the Pa vehicle in the abandonning of the space Si benefit gulf park, have of have already placed over there as long as 15 years.He says:"What to let a popular anger BE, we rich maintenance for setting up park, but doing not spend money."His pressing the argument additional funds should be mainly provided by revenue from tax michael kors factory outlet.

Fan Ke especially orchid park(source:You good net)

Though allocate funds to support from the revenue from tax under the sistuation that the budget is nervous currently whether maintenance in the park could go to still can not know, the gram inside man also really found out especially male-a blemish of private mode of cooperation:The park being neglected isn't in the wealthy community, also the one who say to have never ready-madely contributed money.Is male-can the private mode of cooperation don't in the park of wealthy community rescue?With be located in Brown gram Si area, cover Fan Ke of 1,100 acres(match 4.45 square kilometers) orchid park especially
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