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Eventi sagre e itinerari di Civita Castellana e della Tuscia
 POLITICA : Forums : Eventi sagre e itinerari di Civita Castellana e della Tuscia
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Understand according to the reporter of finance mangaing weekly paper, Chen Yue Xi was born in 1953, once allowed Ling City two set up one work area the director, Ling City is all crystal construction engineering the president of the company, Zhejiang first light of day construction group branch manager of Wenzhou.The limited company, the Tai plentiful real estate in Sichuan development limited company and Heng sun Tai Yu that is underneath to own an even sun county Tai Yu real estate development the real estate develop limited company three companies. But"the garden of Tai Yu" is an even sun county Ao the old city reformation of the river item, the ground's piece is located in the Ao district of river center.According to the programming, "the garden of Tai Yu" item always accumulates a 41400 ms with the ground 2, land use for commercially and the residence is used ground and commercially offered for sale the time limit as 40 years among them, the residence is offered for sale the time limit as 70 years with the ground, the capacity leads 5.28, always construct the area 192725 ms 2, among them up the residence area 159800 ms 2, commercial building area 10738 ms of ground 2, ground top male set up area of 1952 ms 2, area 20235 ms in the ground floor 2.This item company is responsible for artificial Chen Yue Xi's daughter, Chen Li Xia, . In 2002, the building of Tai Yu once broke through a nominal quotation to offer for sale way Jing to clap to acquire Ao a river the old city is five the No.2 is out of district ground the piece C area, finish carrying out a land certificate on January 12, 2006, certificate is an even national expenditures(2011) No.2-8043.Henceforth, the building of Tai Yu opens to mortgage the land to set up a line of Wenzhou branch office, the land mortgage term goes to May 9, 2014. In April, 2011, Chen Yue Xi again mortgages the land to Anne to believe and sets up to go a loan by liquidation and acquires development funds.Trusted a product to recommend at that time data up call:Item company will it all serial numbers is 【even national expenditures(2005) No.2-8135 】of land use power 【valuation be worth of 770,000,000 dollars, the valuation reports serial number: Hu eight reach to estimate the word(2011) FA0017-2 】with the first order mortgage to believe for Anne;Serial number is 【even national expenditures(2006) No.2-8036 】of land use right 【valuation be worth of 380,000,000 dollars, the valuation reports serial number: Hu eight reach to estimate the word(2011) FA0017-1 】with the second order mortgage to believe for Anne, is its fulfilling contract of the liquidation trust loan principal and interest to guarantee, and carry out compulsory execution to notarize, the beginning starts mortgage to lead 45.21%.In February, 2012, compensate(, ) after the loan a mortgage rate to decline to 34 cheap jerseys.78%. 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